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They Are On Haqq ul Yaqin (Truth of Certainty)

"""Our master Habib Taher Bin Hussein Bin Taher has said: "Taqwa has been transmitted in its entirey, wholly and in detail, by our forefathers and salaf salih through their transmitted pattern of behaviour, which is the satisfying method and the even path, the most secure hand-hold. It is a clear guiding light, as brilliant as the sun in the midday sky. It is the path of the Messenger and his rightly guided successors, which every seeker was commanded to grasp firmly and securely. It is transmitted through a sound chain extending up to their grandfather the Messenger, blessings and peace be upon him.

As a general indication one can say that it is sciences and practices, purification of the mind from lowly qualities and adorning it with praiseworthy ones, spending one's time in different kinds of obediences and good actions which remain, soundness of intention, keeping the company of the best of people, fighting the worst of people, remaining unknown, avoidance and isolation from the mob, acquiring the noblest of attributes, upright selves, exalted determination, protective scrupulousness, accomplished renunciation, gentleness, sobriety, leaving everyday habitual concerns and concentratiing on the Appointed Day""".

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