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The American way
Gives way
To The Sufi Way

Siddiq Osman Noormuhammad

We change some of the English spelling
to produce American English
the American way

The English had better improve on their American English
but how will they ever acquire the Yankee accent
and Americanise
spell check! caught you!
the American way

We treat the English as our atta boys
The English do not like it
but who cares
that's the American way

The English tease us
by the way
who killed Kennedy
Well we are not perfect
but we are the best
the American way

Did the Americans land on the moon
or in a studio
some space scientists tease us
Well if NASA says we landed on the moon
then we landed on the moon
Right? Right on
and damn you
the American way

The latest news! What? What?
The American government spies on the rest of the world
as well as on its own people
That's old hat
the British would say
as they know about their own ways
as well as the American way

We twist the arm of Canada
and alternatively pinch its ear
that's the American way eh?

Whether our President lands in Uganda or in Canada
the local police is pushed aside
by the American security which takes over
the American way

French! No way!
this is the American way

We demonized the Africans as savages
when we turned savage and enslaved them
the American way

We demonized blacks as niggers
for more than a hundred years
that's the American way

We demonized the Chinese more
no we demonized our allied-enemies the Russians more
don't listen to him but trust me
we demonized the Germans more
the American way

We demean Mexicans as illegal aliens
that's the American way

We fear a fearful fear
fearing that we might be accused of anti-semitism against the Israelis
but we are fearlessly anti-semitic against the Arabs
the American way

For centuries blacks didn't have the right to vote in America
Thus we practiced apartheid
but called it the best democracy
the American way

Our political leaders
get Presidents of South American countries appointed
at the point of a gun
and that is American democracy
for other countries
the American way

We have veto power in the United Nations
and we use it
that is democracy for us
the American way

African are native herdsmen
but we are cowboys
gun in hand
with not a cow in sight
all gun and no cow
the American way

We killed enough American Indians Germans and the Japanese
all recorded in glorious American history
and glorified in the American media
by Americans
the American way

If the Germans had won
we the globalists would have had to learn German
Horror horror! Shudder shudder!
the American way

To promote capitalism against communism
our politicians fuelled the civil war in Angola
that killed thousands of Africans
but our capitalist media kept Americans
democratically ignorant about it
the American way

Two percent of the wealthiest Americans
own eighty percent of the wealth in America
Those who stand for social justice
say that is unfair
but that is how capitalism rewards success
the American way

Those who are concerned and thoughtful feel
that our poor people should be helped more
but our politicians give tax cuts to the rich
the American way

America has the highest jail rate in the whole world
Is that true?
Well we are beginning to learn about
the American way

Capitalism gives us the freedom
to promote sodomy and booze
and to womanize wine and dine
the wayward way

Our capitalists get our President entangled with mistresses
to blackmail and manipulate him
in their own lecherous ways

A majority of us believe
that we are descendants of Adam and Eve
but we can't teach that to our children in schools
who are taught that they have evolved out of monkeys
while the capitalist media teaches us
that this is what freedom and democracy is all about
the American way

There was a time when we forced the Japanese to demilitarise
while now we are insisting that they militarize
the American way

We are the greatest spenders on arms and weapons
the greatest manufacturers of arms and weapons
and sell them all over the world
to both friend and foe
and that has always been
the American way

The capitalist war-media advises our politicians
to thoughtfully follow the Israeli war lobby
which advises them
to thoughtfully follow the Israeli astrologers
who advise them
to blindly follow their stars
which advise them
to thoughtfully follow the Israeli war lobby
which advises them
that that is what makes for democracy
the American way

We threaten one Muslim country after another
that we will bomb it back to the Dark Ages
and that's the American way

We rained bombs on the Muslim babies of Baghdad
and celebrated the spectacle as fireworks
the American way

We invade Muslim countries
butcher their babies
torture their parents
storm their places of worship and graveyards
and we say we are liberating them
and bringing them democracy
the American way

Our priests go overseas
to preach to the rest of the world
to turn the other cheek
the meek way

We love our babies
and they love Santa
who comes all the way from the North Pole
to give them candy
the American way

We are a free people
except for our political leaders
who fear for their lives
because they have committed enough global loot and murder
and when we are having our American apple pie
we are ashamed of them
and their evil ways

Our media says our government is corrupt
The judges say big business is corrupt
The people say the arms industry is corrupt
Muslims say the capitalist war media is corrupt and corrupting
O God! What has come over America
and the American way

When our priests preach
that Jesus Christ died for our sins
we listen to them thoughtfully
but the Muslims are deeply concerned about these teachings
and invite us to the Islamic way

The rest of the world treats us with contempt
rejects American ways
tells us we are way off
and yells at us not to come in the way
but to give way

Are we to blame?
Our capitalist war media beats drums of war
and incites us
the American way

To tell you the truth
we are way ordinary
and like all ordinary people
we only have thirty two teeth
to gnash against those
who the war media says are our enemies
in its own manipulative way

I will whisper to you a secret
if you keep quiet about it
Our political leaders have a screw loose
and we throw them out
the American way

We finally realize capitalists are money worshippers
as they outsource production and jobs
to other countries
the selfish way

Americans are finally jolted back to their senses
and open their eyes wide open
the ordinary way

Nuns wear the dignifying hijab
and here come the Muslim women
all beautifully clad in the noble hijab
to civilize us all
the Islamic way

Where are the feminists?
They are in burqa praying Salah
how great and noble!
the Islamic way
the Sufi way

The Muslims humble us
in their jihad against our crusade
the Islamic way

Americans are now beginning to think
in a different way
a sensible way
and accepting Islam
and the Sufi way

Where there is a will there is a way
the Islamic way
the Sufi way

Even if you go way back
you will find that you can never lose your way
on the Islamic highway
that is straight and leads you up and away
way ahead
the Islamic way

Away with the one way street of godless communism
that leads you nowhere
Way be-gone is the dual way of money worshipping capitalists
that gets you stuck half way
Welcome to the Islamic highway of pure monotheism
that takes you all the way
the way of the Sufis
who go out of their way
to find ways and means
to make way
to give right of way
and who naturally lead the way
to spiritual progress all the way
up to the Milky Way
the Islamic Way
the Sufi Way


Dhu'l Qa'dah 1426; December 2005

Request: Please add 'peace be upon him', or 'peace be upon her' after the names of Sayyidina Nabi 'Isa 'Alayhissalam (Jesus Christ), Sayyidina Nabi Adam 'Alayhissalam (Adam), and Sayyidatina Hawwa 'Alayhassalam (Eve).

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