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Email of the Month - Sha'ban 1424

Embracing Islam

I would like to become Muslim. Is it possible to read/recite the shahada online? Will you provide me with Certification of becoming Muslim?


Assalamu 'alaykum Chandrakant,

We are naturally delighted that you would like to become Muslim. May Allah bless you, Amin.

Of course it is possible for you to recite the shahada online. But it is more preferable for you to go to a masjid nearby and recite the shahada before the Imam there. They will be overjoyed to have you. After that, you will need to continue to associate with Muslims to become a practicing Muslim.

There is no certification on becoming Muslim. Allah, His angels and Muslims are your witnesses. May Allah fill your heart with the light of Islam, and with the love of Allah and His beloved Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

With best wishes,

Hawl of Habib Esa bin Abdulkader bin Ahmad Alhadad

Assalamualikum Wr Wb




We would like to inform you about the


Haul of Habib Esa bin Abdulkader bin Ahmad Alhadad

and that of his father

Habib Abdulkader bin Ahmad bin Abdurrahman Alhadad

at Abdul Razak Mosque, 30 Jalan Ismail Singapore
on 20th September 2003 at 5.30pm till Isha


Recitation of Wirdul Latiff lead by Habib Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Semait


Mukhataba by Habib Munzir bin Fuad Almusawa


Qasidah - Ya Alimal Hal from Imam Abdullah bin Alawi Alhadad by Habib Hud Alhadad


Solat Magrib


Tahlil and its Habuah lead by Imam Zain Alhabshie


Manaqib of Sohibal Ratib by Ali Lekayet Singapore latest graduate from Rubaat Tarim


Mukhatabah Dr. Habib Ahmad bin Abdullah Alkaff


Qasidah - Qadqafani ilmurabbi


Azan Isha


Ratib Alhadad


Solat Isha followed by dinner




Abdulkader bin Ali bin Esa Alhadad

Wa 'alaykum u's salam Sayyid Abdulkader,

Thank you for the invitation to the blessed majlis of the Hawl of Habib Esa, and that of his father Habib AbdulKader, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will increase you and our mashayikh in Singapore in baraka and 'afiya, fiddin waddunya wal Akhira, Amin.

We have emailed the invitation to all those on our mailing list.

With salaams and dua,

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