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We condemn the decision of U.S.A.
to move its embassy to al-Quds (Jerusalem)

All Praise is for Allah (The Glorified and The Exalted) and may He bless and grant peace to our Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam).

We condemn the decision of the policy makers in the Government of the U.S.A. to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel and to move their embassy there. This is an attack on Islam and on all Muslims and shows the deep-rooted hatred of fanatical Judeo-Christians in U.S.A. against Islam and Muslims. It has deeply hurt the feelings of Muslims all over the world. Non-Muslims as well, both Christians as well as of other faiths, have condemned this decision world-wide.

Masjid al-Aqsa in al-Quds (Jerusalem) is the third most holy masjid for Muslims. Al-Quds is the capital of Palestine and of Palestinians. Muslims will forever defend their right to it. Muslims will continue to condemn the brutality and the injustices of the state of Israel against Palestinians. Nabi Musa (peace be upon him) had to deal with one Fir‘awn. These days, there are many Fir‘awns. May Allah (The Glorified and The Exalted) protect Muslims against Fir‘awns wherever they exist and whenever they arise. Amin.

Governments of Muslim countries that have diplomatic relations with the state of Israel should break off such relations. Political rulers of Muslim countries who rely on U.S.A. to defend their rule should instead rely only on Allah to defend them.

For the sake of Islam and all the Muslims, as well as to achieve peace, political leaders of Muslim countries should take concrete and positive steps to make the Government of the U.S.A. to revoke its decision, and if they do not go all the way to do that, they should fear Allah’s wrath on the Day of Judgement. Those who make such an effort and succeed, will have great reward from Allah (The Glorified and The Exalted).

Siddiq Noormuhammad.
Rabi‘ un-Nabi 1439.


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