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A fair man

I met Imam Ahmad Mashhur bin Taha al-Haddad twice. A more gentler, charismatic person I have not yet met. His presence was awesome and his manners and body language impeccable. He spoke softly but firmly. The Sunday Supplementary School we run in Wembley was a project he personally supported and followed closely during the last few years of his life. When he asked me questions about the school, the students and the mothers, he did so in a voice filled with love and genuine concern. He will always be an inspiration in the hard and difficult work we do.

But more than anything Habib was that unique kind of person who had the ability to make a Muslim woman feel understood, appreciated and valued. In front of him I did not feel persecuted and knew that my gender was of no consequence. In fact, I felt honoured and cherished. I am thankful to God and proud that I knew somebody like Habib.

Yes, we will always remember Habib and we will InshaAllah, tell our friends and children about this great man who was a living symbol of Islam. We will cherish the memories of love, concern and encouragement he had for us and our efforts. May the Almighty bless him and grant him the Garden.

(Aisha Khan, London, member of An-Nisa Society and Coordinator of the Sunday Supplementary School, Wembley)

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