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I first encountered Shaykh al-Haddad, may Allah’s mercy be upon him, more than twenty years ago, in the person of those closest to him, Sayyid Umar Abdulla, the then peripatetic ambassador from the Comoro Islands, upon whom we also ask Allah’s mercy. The light and baraka of Shaykh al-Haddad, as well as the wisdom and gentleness of his teachings, was overflowing from Sayyid Umar, who intertwined good, practical advice, deep Sufi understanding and a kind of all-enveloping good will wherever he went, leaving new Muslims, revitalised communities and healed hearts in his wake as he journeyed through this world.

I then met some of Shaykh Haddad’s followers in London – noble and generous men of knowledge and remembrance of Allah, the Exalted, and was regularly rehabilitated, after near total immersion in the work and distraction of the city, by their weekly gatherings. It was through the light of their discourse and praising Allah, and their love and respect for each other and all believers, that I glimpsed something more of the depths of Shaykh Haddad’s teaching and baraka. Over the years several of my friends associated themselves with the Shaykh and his teachings, each one gaining according to his commitment, some with a bit of baraka and protection the worth of which is impossible to determine in this world, some with an openly manifest light and reorientation of their entire lives towards Allah. For those who loved him and embraced his teaching, InshaAllah there will be another meeting with Shaykh al-Haddad, in the assembly of the rightly guided, in the presence of the Prophet. peace and blessings be upon him, and the lovers of Allah.

(Abu’ Qasim Spiker, Cambridge, writer and publisher)

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