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Unique status

Habib’s maqam (status) was great, but his path was humility. His path was the royal and the sacred path of self-sacrifice and self-denial. He was totally humble before his Lord. His prayers were always full of khushu’ (pleading) with Allah, the Exalted.

Through his entire life, his character reminded one of the blessed Prophet (on whom be peace). Habib was absolute love. He will be remembered because of his akhlaq, his character. People remember pious people because of their miracles; we remember Habib because of his character, which was an absolute reflection of the Holy Prophet.

He was born with La ilaha ill Allah, he breathed La ilaha ill Allah, he propagated La ilaha ill Allah, he departed this world with La ilaha ill Allah, his maqam was La ilaha ill Allah and his janazah was lifted, under the canopy of the Ka’aba, with La ilaha ill Allah.

(Mohammad Sadiq, Preston)

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