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Wish I met him

It was a hope of mine that I would one day meet al-Imam Habib Ahmad Mashhur bin Taha al-Haddad. Although this will now never be fulfilled, he has been an extremely important figure in my life. His book, ‘The Key to the Garden‘, presented me with guidance when I most needed it. After embracing Islam I soon found myself in crisis – confused and alienated in a landscape shaped by cultural and ethnic boundaries, and by political diatribes with which I felt uncomfortable.

After Ramadan, two years ago, I was introduced to a group which was attended by people who had studied formally under the Shaykh. The gathering provided me with the building blocks of faith and it was through them that I was able to learn something of the pure joy of being a Muslim. From what I have heard from people who met him I feel confident that if I had gone to meet him he would have welcomed me, despite the fact that I am a “new Muslim”: what other person of his status would do such a thing?

I feel his loss deeply, and it seems to me that we are all impoverished by his death – because in an increasingly heart breaking world, there are so few who can communicate what is necessary.

(Rashid Thornton, London, solicitor)

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