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How Can I Help Muslims?

By: Syed Yasin Ali

It is important that we help our fellow Muslims because Allah the Almighty has commanded us, and our beloved Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has taught us. In order to help Muslims, we should be able to interact with the Muslim community in a lot of ways. By helping Muslims we please Allah Ta'ala and receive rewards from The Almighty. As a Muslim youth, it is my duty to help Muslims as much as I can. There are many different ways in which I can help the Muslim community.

I can volunteer at my local mosque and help them by keeping the mosque clean and preparing the mosque before prayer. I can also assist the staff of the mosque by helping them in their da'wa work and addressing Muslims to adhere to Islam.

I can also help my Muslim friends in my school and try to organize events where all the Muslim students can get together and participate. I can also help my Muslim friends by trying to establish a place in the school where we could read our Jum'a prayers regularly.

I can also help the Muslim brothers who live in the neighbourhood by helping them in any way I can like whenever they are in any kind of trouble. I can also invite them to my house so that we can get together and discuss issues about ways in which we can improve the Muslim community.

I may also help my fellow Madrasa students by helping them read the Qur'an, assisting them in other activities and providing leadership for them. I can also organize events conducted by the Madrasa, like distributing flyers for the program, announcing and setting up the tables for food, serving and cleaning everything up after the program.

I can also visit senior homes where I can sit and talk with elderly Muslims about Qur'an and hadith for a while, help them with their daily routines like feeding them, making sure they take their medication and cleaning their beds.

I can also visit welfare homes and help the orphan children with their education and teaching them ways to lead a good Islamic life.

I can also try to make an effort to contribute at least some money to the Muslim organizations that try to help poor Muslims and Muslims who are living in countries like Chechnya, Bosnia, Somalia and Kashmir. By contributing we can make sure that they receive food, shelter and clothing. It is important for us to help these people since we are living in an excellent condition by the grace of Allah the Almighty and we should help our fellow Muslim brothers living in poor conditions so that Allah Ta`ala might reward us. There is a hadith, where Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has said that a Muslim who feeds his fellow Muslim brother will taste the delicious food of Jannah, a Muslim who clothes his brother will receive beautiful clothes in Jannah and a Muslim who gives water to his fellow Muslim brother will receive drinks in Jannah.

Finally, I can help Muslims by just behaving properly and acting in a good manner so that I may set an example for other Muslims. It is very important that Muslims help each other in this country since we are a minority. By helping and taking care of each other we can set an example to non-Muslims and other communities and emerge as a strong Muslim nation.

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