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Translation of Dua Haajaat

O Allah, O The One and Only, O The Ever Present,
O The Immensely Generous,
O The One Who Provides means of sustenance as He Wills,
O The Selflessly Generous One, O The One Who Gives freely,
O The Possessor of Might and Power,
O The Possessor of all the riches, The Enricher,
O The One Who opens (all doors),
O The One Who Provides all sustenance,
O The Omniscient, O The Wise,
O The Ever Living, O The Self-Subsisting by Whom all subsist,
O The Beneficent, O The Merciful,
O The Matchless Creator of the skies and the earth,
O The One with Majestic Might and Generosity,
O The Bestower of immense favours,

give me such a fragrant gift from Yourself
that would make me independent of everyone else except You.

If you are seeking victory, then (know that) victory has been achieved.
Surely, We have given to you a clear victory.
Help from Allah and imminent victory (is expected).

O Allah, O The Possessor of all the riches, O The Praiseworthy,
O The Original Creator, and The Restorer (of life after death),
O The Loving One, O The Owner of the Glorious Throne,
O The One Who Does What He Wills,

with the help of my wholesome deeds, stop me from the prohibited,
and with Your Grace, make me independent of everyone else except You,
and Protect me with what You protect Your Zikr with,
and help me with what You helped Your Rasuls with;
truly, You have Power over all things.

Translated by:
Siddiq Osman Noormuhammad
Toronto, 1418/1997

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