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Sayings of Prophet Muhammad
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Dua (Supplication to Allah) - Contents

  • Dua is Worship;
  • Asking others to make Dua;
  • Dua for good in this world and in the Hearafter;
  • Dua after Adhan;
  • Dua in Salah;
  • Dua after Salah;
  • Dua in Salah;
  • Seeking refuge in Allah (The Glorified and the Exalted);
  • Dua at the time of difficulty;
  • Dua on Sneezing;
  • Dua while Eating and Drinking;
  • Dua after a meal;
  • Dua at the dispersal of a gathering;
  • Dua on going to bed;
  • Dua for sleeping and waking up;
  • Dua before mating;
  • Dua before entering the washroom;
  • Dua on coming out of the washroom;

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