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Some Selected Verses From The Holy Qur'an On
Sallallahu 'alayhi wa Sallam


1. If you want to gain the love of Allah, follow him

Say (O beloved Prophet, to the people): If you love Allah, then follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your sins, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (3:31)

2. Allah addresses him with love and affection

Ta Ha. (20:1)
Ya Seen. (36:1)
O you wrapped up in garments. (73:1)
O you enveloped in a mantle. (74:1)

3. Allah says: Realize that My Prophetic Messenger himself is with you

And know that among you is Allah’s (Prophetic) Messenger; were he to follow your wishes in many a matter, you would surely fall into trouble, but Allah has endeared the Faith to you and has adorned it in your hearts, and He has made hateful to you unbelief and transgression and disobedience; such are those who are the rightly guided. (49:7)

4. Allah describes him with His Own Attributes of Rauf (Most Kind) and Rahim (Merciful)

Assuredly, there has come to you a (Prophetic) Messenger from among yourselves, grievous to him is that you are overburdened, full of concern for you, for the believers (he is) most kind, merciful. (9:128)

5. Allah Himself praises him

O Prophet! Indeed We have sent you as a beholder (witness) and a bearer of glad tidings and a warner. And as a summoner to Allah by His permission, and as an illuminating light. And give glad tidings to the believers that they will have a great bounty from Allah. (33:45-47)

6. Possessor of Allah’s Grace

But for the Grace of Allah upon you (O beloved Prophet), and His Mercy, a party of them had resolved to deceive you, but they mislead no one except themselves and they will not hurt you at all. And Allah has sent down to you the Scripture (the Qur’an) and the Wisdom, and has taught you what you did not know, and the Grace of Allah toward you has been very great. (4:113)

7. He is a special favour of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala)

Certainly, Allah has shown a special favour to the believers by raising among them a (Prophetic) Messenger from among themselves who recites to them His verses (of the Qur’an), and purifies them, and teaches them the Scripture (the Qur’an) and the Wisdom, although before (he came to them) they were in manifest error. (3:164)

8. Allah does not punish people if he is in their midst

And Allah would not punish them while you are in their midst, and Allah will not punish them while they seek (His) forgiveness. (8:33)

9. Allegiance to him is allegiance to Allah

Surely, those who pledge allegiance to you (O beloved Prophet), pledge allegiance to Allah. The hand of Allah is over their hands. So whoever breaks his pledge, breaks it only to his own harm; and whoever fulfils his covenant which he has made with Allah, then on him will He bestow an immense reward. (48:10)

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