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Some Selected Verses From The Holy Qur'an On
Sallallahu 'alayhi wa Sallam


1. Worships only Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala)

And when Allah’s devotee (Prophet Muhammad) stood up in Prayer to Him (Allah), they (the jinn) crowded around him (to listen to him).
Say (to them, O beloved Prophet): I pray to my Lord only, and I ascribe to Him no partner. (72:19-20)

2. Puts total trust in Allah, (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala)

But if they turn away (O beloved Prophet), say: “Allah is sufficient for me. None is to be worshipped but He. In Him have I put my trust, and He is the Lord of the Supreme Throne”. (9:129)

3. Selflessly labours for Allah, asks for no reward

Say (O Beloved Prophet): I ask of you no reward for it, except that whoso will, may take a (straight) Path to His Lord. (25:57)

That is (the bounty) of which Allah gives the good news to His bondmen who believe and do good deeds. Say (O beloved Prophet): “I ask of you no reward for it, except kindness for kinship”. And whoso earns any good deed, We add to its good for him. Surely, Allah is Forgiving, Appreciative. (42:23)

4. Rewarded by Allah

And certainly for you, there is an endless reward. (68:3)

Surely, We have given you Al-Kawthar (Abundance of good and river in Paradise). (108:1)

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