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Email of the Month - Iqra Islamic Publications: I want to enter the sufi silsila

I want to enter the sufi silsila

Assalamu ‘alaikum. I am one of the Muslims that is not following Islam properly. I want to follow Islam with all my heart. I don’t have any bad habits, but I cannot say prayers five times a day and not follow Islam properly. I want to practice Islam with all my heart, and I want to have a murshid to teach me in an order of sufism.

I will be happy if you consider me as your student. I want to walk on the right path, but I am not just strong enough. I want to walk on the path of sufism and want to join with knowing the consequences and the ibadah that I will have to do but please help me to get on this track. I am in search of a murshid and if Allah wants me to be on his path I will walk on this path. But right now I am desperate and I need help and in desperate search of a murshid who can teach me. I will be thankful if you consider me.

May Allah help us all. Allah Hafiz.


Wa ‘alaykum us Salaam Brother Umar,

We have to begin step by step and the first thing is niyya (good intention) which you have already made, Alhamdu Lillah.

Salah is one of the most important things in a Muslim’s life. We have to pray the five times daily salah. Without following shariah (sacred Muslim law), we can never be on the path of the sufis.

We have to make sure that our father and mother are happy with us. If we have any differences with our brother(s), sister(s) and relatives, they have to be sorted out first. Harmony in the family is of the first priority.

InshaAllah, Allah will keep us on the straight path, Amin, and make us musalleen (those who pray salah) and dhakirin (those who do dhikr). Amin.

Once you have become more regular in salah, then you can contact our mashayikh in Kenya or Yemen and take on from there.

With many salaams and du’a,

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