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Email of the Month - Iqra Islamic Publications: Prayer beads

Prayer beads


I was just wanting some information on the tasbeeh. I was wanting to make one for a Muslim friend and was wondering if they should have 100 beads? Also should the head bead be counted also with the 100 or is it just an extra used as a marker. Would it be improper to use some lettered beads on it to spell the person’s name? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Tam, thanks for your email.

Almost all the tasbih have 100 beads. You are right. There is a marker. As well there are two other beads of a slightly different size as markers, one after 33 beads and the next after the next 33 beads.

The recitation on the first 33 beads is:
Subhanallah: Glory be to Allah

The recitation on the next 33 beads is:
Alhamdu Lillah: All Praise is for Allah

The recitation on the next 34 beads is:
Allahu Akbar: Allah is Most Great

Some beads have the Most Beautiful Names of Allah written on them. If you get such a tasbih, that would be an ideal gift. Writing the person’s name on the beads is a good thought but it is not the done thing. Perhaps you can do it on another thing rather than the tasbih which is exclusively for supplication and prayer.


Sufi Meditation

Peace be with You.

I am a Muslim and an aspiring student of Sufism. I live in Malta(Europe). I enjoyed your articles on the website which are very enlightening. However, I am searching for a method of Sufi meditation of the heart. Can you help me?

I am searching for an authentic Shaykh in the line of Qadiriyya School to be initiated, InshaAllah. Please can you help me.

May Allah reward you for your work and service.


Assalamu ‘alaykum Brother Yusuf,

Meditation is best done after Salât al-Fajr. After Salât al-Fajr, recite Surah Yaseen sharif, salawaat and other du’a that you have. Then meditate on Allah’s creation, the harmony and beauty in it and meditate on the perfection of Allah as given in the Asma ul Husna. At the same time, visualise your heart beating with the Name of Allah.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala fulfil your noble aim.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala reward you for your encouraging remarks about the Iqra website.

We do not know anyone in Malta so we cannot provide you information about who can initiate you in the Qadiriyya tariqa. Perhaps you can contact brother Ruslan Moore of Al-Baz Publications (

With salaams and du’a,

How can I recover from a depression?

How can I recover from depression of 9 years?


Assalamu ‘alaykum Ayed,

First, do wudu. Let the water remain on your body. Do not wipe it away.

Now identify the cause of the depression. Did someone jilt you? Did someone let you down badly? Did you have a set back in life? If so, please let us know so that we can take it from there.

Is it because things are not going well in your life?

Many people have ups and downs in their life. Some go into a depression, some rise to the challenge. If so, why are you not rising up to the challenge? Why don’t you just prove your worth to each and everyone of them?

The thing to do is to go on confidently about your job, to continue praying five times a day, maintaining good relations in the family and among relatives, developing new friendships and putting your trust in Allah, while doing dhikr and reciting salawaat on Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam everyday.

If you have not already performed Hajj, please make a firm intention of performing it this year if you have the means, and may Allah accept your Hajj, Amin.

Make du’a to Allah to get you out of the depression. InshaAllah, you will get out of it, Amin.

With salaams and dua,

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