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Email of the Month - Iqra Islamic Publications: Personal and Spiritual Development

Personal and Spiritual Development

Personal and Spiritual Development

Subject: Uplift emotionally and mentally, academically, professionally and vocationally

I need to reform myself spiritually and mature myself intrinsically. I feel myself too weak. Whatever I intend to memorize heartily I do not feel absorbed.


Assalamu ‘alaykum Farzana,

We have to build up ourselves on a continuous basis. We should try to be in a state of wudu all the time. We have to pray five times a day and give sadaqa (charity) even if a little on a continuous basis. This is the basis of our spiritual progress.

Another foundation of spiritual progress is that we should avoid all that is haram (prohibited in Islam).

To be mature we have to be ourselves, and not to pretend to be something else.

Spiritual as well as mental and educational development comes from reciting the Qur’an and the Hadith, pondering on their meaning and acting on their teachings.

Professional and vocational development is achieved by being disciplined, committed, sincere, concerned, caring and effective. We need to set realistic goals and targets, immediate, short-term and long-term.

To memorize the Qur’an, first we have to memorize the last 10 Surahs up to Surah al-Fil. In the second step, we memorize up to Surah al-Duha. In the third step, we memorize up to Surah al-A’la. Then we go on adding more Surahs, consistently and continuously. Consistency is of the essence.

We receite Surah Yasin everyday after Fajr Salah. If we do that consistently for two months, Surah Yasin will have been memorized, InshaAllah.

We recite Asma’ Allah al-Husna everyday. If we do that consistently for two months, Asma Allah al-Husna will have been memorized, InshaAllah.

After that we come to Hadith memorization, and try to memorize one Hadith every week or every month.

May Allah fulfill your noble wish to be a mature and pious Muslimah, humble, yet dignified, Amin.

With many salaams and du’a,

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