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Email of the Month - Iqra Islamic Publications: Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

Bismi-Allah, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim.

Dear brother,

I am a Muslim, and I have had a dream about running away from a big light that appeared after a big bang. The light was following me and I became very scared. I ran away from it in a dark labyrinth city, which was made just like a desert city in the time of the Messenger of Allah.

Suddenly I stood upon a rooftop, and on this rooftop there were little windows (so the windows were in the earth on which I was standing.) So I heard a voice, telling me that I was only allowed to enter a Muslim house. So I started running, and at the end of that rooftop there was one window which was full of light (all the others were dark).

So I ran to this window, and there was also a stairway next to it, so I could go down. When I went down I found a girl standing with her back towards me. She was about 8 years old and had long black hair. And I could see that her clothes were a bit dirty with dust. I was thinking that this girl was poor. So I asked her, “How did you survive in here?” Because the room was empty, no food, no parents, no furniture, nothing . And she answered: “Allah has sent an Angel, and we have eaten from his wing”. Note this! She said” We have eaten” But she was all alone in that room. BY HEARING THIS ANSWER I WAS SHOCKED, AND WOKE UP. I LOOKED AT THE CLOCK AND IT WAS 02:30 AT NIGHT. PLEASE GIVE ME AN ANSWER TO MY DREAM.


Assalamu ‘alaykum Yousef,

Alhamdu Lillah, this is a good dream.

The big light that you are running away from and of which you are scared is the dazzle of this world and the light you see in the house of the Muslim to which you go to is the spiritual light (nur).

You are running away to the desert city of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala bless you, Amin.

Since the girl is all alone, the adab (proper behavior) is to have her back towards you. Allah sends an angel who brings food to her in the same way as Allah provided food for Sayyidatina Maryam ‘Alayhassalam (the Blessed Virgin Mary, peace be upon her). She was a waliyya (saint) and this was her miracle.

Congratulations on a blessed dream. May Allah sustain you and all of us with the nur (spiritual light) of Islam so that we are able to fulfill our responsibilities as Muslims, Amin, and may Allah increase us in ‘ilm an-nafi‘ (useful knowledge) and ‘amal salih (good deeds), Amin.

With salaams and du’a,

If Only You Could See

I have written this poem that I would like to share. I’m not sure if it is good enough. This poem is about reality and war.

If Only You Could See

Sometimes people dont understand
Wrapped around this blanket full of happiness and ignorance
We are deceived by the T.V and our leaders who keep us blindfolded from reality

When we cannot see people who are dying
people who are starving and
people orphaned every day and night

When we cannot hear the people cry
We are free.

Are we Free??

For those who do not know
we are only confused enough to think we are free
Where our leaders lead not for the purpose of our security
but only for power because of greed

But still we are free are we not?

Where we are lured into T.V it controls our very lives
it makes us think one way
see only one point of view
and forms us to what they want us to be
Wear these clothes
Think this way
Look this way
Be this way
It kills our morals
It Changes us

What happened to understanding?
What happened to patience to communication?
What happened to sharing?

Forgiveness replaced by revenge
Love changed to hatred
Knowledge altered to ignorance

Instead of building walls cannot we build bridges?

Who is the one that can see?

Some say God is testing us
I say we have put this upon ourselves
we have forgotten our roots
our religion.

Notice how no one asks for war yet it is there?
In the past, in the present, and most likely in the future?

Is it the devil or
Is it us?
What are we

No one likes war yet it is across the globe
No one wants it yet it fills our world.

Excuses are made and
reasons are given, but what happened to

Revenge is never sweet
it only makes you bitter
its a sign of your inner weakness
not a sign of power.

Love was something we lived f o r
now rarely ever found

Leenat Jilani

Assalamu ‘alaykum Leenat,

Thank you for sharing your poem with us. Mashaa Allah it is right out of the heart.

With salaams and du’a,

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