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(Rady Allahu ‘Anhu)

1. An Nasaih id-Diniyya wal-Wasaya al-Imaniyyah
(Sincere Religious Advices and Counsels of Faith).
(This kitab also contains his "Aqeedatul Islam", the Tenets of Muslim Faith).

2. Ad-Da‘wat-ut-Taammah wat-Tadhkirat-ul-‘Aammah
(An All Out Call to Islam and a General Admonition).

3. Risalat-ul-Mu‘awanah
(The Book of Assistance)

4. Al-Fusul ul-‘Ilmiyyah wal usul ul-Hikamiyyah
(Knowledge and The Principles of Wisdom).

5. Sabil al-Iddikaar wal I‘tibaar bima yamurru bil-insaan wa yanqadi lahu min al-a‘maar
(The Way To Remember And Learn From The Lives of Man That Wane and Perish).

6. Risalatul-Mudhaakarah ma‘al Ikhwaan wal-Muhibbin min Ahl-il-Khayr wad-din
(Mutual Reminding Among Brothers and the Loved Ones from among the Good People in Religion).

7. Risalatu Aadaabi Suluk il-Murid
(The Book of the Murid)

8. Kitab ul-Hikam
(The Book of Wisdom).

9. An-Nafaais-il-‘Ulwiyyah fil-Masaail-il-Sufiyyah
(The Sublime Treasures: Answers to Sufi Questions).

10. It'haaf is-saail bi-jawaabil masaail
(Gifts For the Seeker Being Some Answered Questions).

There is also a compendium of his Azkaar and Awraad, the major ones being Wird ul-Latif, Wird ul-Kabir, Ratib ush-Shahir, Hizb ul-Fat’h and Hizb un-Nasr. These were compiled by As-Sayyid ‘Alawi bin Muhammad bin Tahir al-Haddad in a book titled:
Wasilatul ‘Ibaad Ilaa Zaadil Ma‘aad
(A Means For People To Provide For The Hereafter).

He also composed:
Ad-Durrul Manzum li Dhawil ‘Uqul wal-Fuhum
(Poetic Pearls For Discerning and Understanding Minds).
(This is his Diwan or compilation of his 150 religious poems).
He wrote another qasida that is not in the Diwan titled: "Takhmees ‘alaa al-Qasida al-Mudariyya lil-Imam al-Busiri" fee kitab Sabil al-Muhtadin.
The Takhmis of Qasida al-Mudariyya of Imam al-Busiri by Imam al-Haddad in the kitab Sabil al-Muhtadin (The Path of the Rightly Guided).
The takhmis of a qasida is its augmentation from couplets to quintets.

NOTE: Most of these books of Imam al-Haddad (Rady Allahu ‘Anhu) in the original Arabic have been published by Dar-ul-Hawi, P.O. Box 112 5920, Beirut, Lebanon while the translations of some of them by Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi have already been published by The Quilliam Press Limited, 80 Lamble Street, London NW5 4AB England and distributed by Syed Hassan al-Attas, 27 Hillside Drive, Singapore, 1954, and by Wardah Books.

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