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By: Muzna Jin

Sayyidina Uthman ibn Affan (Rady Allahu Anhu) was born in the 6th year of the elephant (576 C.E). He was of the Quraish tribe. He was married to two daughters of the Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam). So he was given the title of Zunnurain which means “Possessor of the Two Lights”. First he was married to Sayyidatina Ruqayya (Rady Allahu Anha) and when she passed away, he married Sayyidatina Umm Kulthum (Rady Allahu Anha) who also passed away. Rasulullah (Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam) said that if he had another daughter, he would have given her in marriage to Sayyidina Uthman (Rady Allahu Anhu).

He belonged to a rich family in Makkah and was one of the first to accept Islam. When persecution of Muslims by non-believers increased, he migrated to Ethiopia. Later, he also migrated to Madina with the rest of the Muslims and participated in the major events. He generously gave his wealth to help fellow Muslims, so he is affectionately called Uthman Ghani. He donated many wells to provide free water for the Muslims. This is an example of sadaqah jariya (continuous charity). We pray to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala) to make us as generous as Sayyidina Uthman (Rady Allahu Anhu).

He participated in important matters of state and was one of the Prophet’s writers. He was well-known for his modesty.
When Sayyidina Umar ibn al-Khattab (Rady Allahu Anhu) who was the second Khalifa passed away, Sayyidina Uthman (Rady Allahu Anhu) was elected as the third Khalifa.

Despite his great wealth, he led a simple life. He was a patient and pious man with total trust in Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala). During his time as Khalifa, he expanded the Prophet’s Masjid in Madina.

Sayyidina Uthman (Rady Allahu Anhu) was Khalifa for twelve years. During his Khilafat, Islam spread from Morocco in the west to Afghanistan in the east.

Sayyidina Uthman (Rady Allahu Anhu), besides being a relative of the Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam) and his son-in-law was one of his closest aides and writer. After the passing away of the Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam), Sayyidina Uthman (Rady Allahu Anhu) became the assistant of Sayyidina Abu Bakr (Rady Allahu Anhu), and later of Sayyidina Umar (Rady Allahu Anhu).

During the time of the Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam), the greatest scholars were those who had memorized the Qur’an and so he was among the greatest scholars of the day. When he was Khalifa, he got a standard copy of the Qur’an compiled and had several copies reproduced which he sent to various towns. His love for the Qur’an was great and he recited a great deal of it. At the time he was martyred in Madina, he was reciting the Qur’an.

Many books and qasidas have been written about Sayyidina Uthman (Rady Allahu Anhu), praising his achievements and his goodness.

His name is mentioned in the Friday Khutbah. The names of all the first four Khalifas are mentioned in the Friday Khutbah. They are Sayyidina Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, Sayyidina Umar Faruq, Sayyidina Uthman Zunnurain, and Sayyidina Ali Al-Murtada (Rady Allahu Anhum).

Sha‘ban 1425, October 2004

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