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By: Hamid Syed

I am truly proud to be a Muslim because I know Islam is the right religion and I am on the right path. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Everything I have belongs to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala). Islam tells us everything from what happens to us when we are born to when we die and also what is going to happen to us after death.

I am proud to be a Muslim because everyone in Islam is treated equally even if you are an Arab or non-Arab, white or black, you are treated equal. In Islam we pray Salah five times a day, one before sunrise, one at noon, one in the afternoon, another one after sunset and the last one before going to sleep. These five Salah help me remember Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala) and when I remember Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala), I don’t misbehave, I don’t do foolish things and I don’t do things that make Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala) or my parents unhappy.
Islam is a pure religion because it shows us how to live an excellent life and go to Paradise in the Hereafter. It teaches me manners like how to behave with my elders. It tells us to fast in the month of Ramadan so it shows us how poor people sometimes live without food and water and it tells us to share our wealth with the less fortunate in the form of Zakah (poor-due), and Sadaqa (charity).

In Islam there is a purpose for everything. The Holy Qur’an is a huge miracle because no one on the surface of earth can write such a beautiful book like the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the only Holy Book, which has not been changed by mankind from the time it was revealed by Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala) to our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).

I am proud to be a Muslim and I believe that all Muslims should be proud to be Muslims because Islam is a true religion with God.

Sha‘ban 1421, October 2000

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