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Quiz 14 Juniors

1. What do you recite when you begin to do something?

2. Write its translation.
In the Name of Allāh

3. Write the first Kalima which is the first pillar of Islâm.
Lā Ilāha Illallāh Muhammad u’r Rasūlullāh

4. Write its translation.
None is worthy of worship except Allāh
Muhammad is the Prophetic Messenger of Allāh

5. What do you recite when you hear or read the name of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallâhu 'alayhi wa Sallam.
Sallallāhu alayhi wa Sallam

6. Write its meaning.
May Allāh’s blessings and peace be upon him

7. Whose Word is the Holy Qur'an?
The Holy Qur’ān is Allāh’s Word

8. How many thawâb do you get for reciting one letter of the Holy Qur'ân?
10 thawāb

9. What is the reward of reciting Sûrah al-Ikhlâs (Qul Huwallâhu) three times?
Its reward is equivalent to reciting the whole Qur’ān

10. Write the takbîr which begins the Adhân.
Allāhu Akbar

11. Write its translation.
Allāh is Most Great

12. What do you recite in expressing thanks to Allâh for His bounties and blessings?
Al-Hamdu Lillāh

13. Write its translation.
All praise is for Allāh

14. What do you say in thanking someone?

15. Write its meaning.
May Allāh reward you

Write the translation of:

16. Yâ Allâh, Yâ Rahmân, Yâ Rahîm
O Allāh! O The Most Beneficent! O The Most Merciful!

17. Yâ Latîf
O The Knower of subtleties!

18. Yâ Wadûd
O The Loving One!

19. Yâ Hayyu Yâ Qayyûm
O The Ever-Living! O The Self-Subsisting by Whom all subsist!

20. Astaghfirullâh
I beg forgiveness of Allāh.

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