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Quiz 8 Juniors

  1. Write the meaning of Sub'hanahu wa Ta'ala.
    He is The Glorified and The Exalted.

  2. Who was the first man Allah created?
    Nabi Adam, peace be upon him.

  3. From what was he created?
    From clay (mud).

  4. Who was the first woman Allah created?
    Bibi Hawa’, peace be upon her.

  5. What is the meaning of the word "Iqra"?

  6. What is the meaning of "Assalatu Mi'raj u'l Mu'minin?"
    Regular prayer is the mi’raj of the believers.

  7. Mention at least five teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, about Friday prayers (salatul Jumu'ah).

    Any five of the following teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, about Friday prayers can be mentioned.

    • It erases (minor) sins of the whole week
    • You should take a bath before the Friday prayers
    • Put on your best clothes for Friday prayers
    • Try to go to the mosque as early as possible
    • If you are late, sit in the mosque where you can find a place and do not try to push your way to the front
    • Friday salah is fard (obligatory) with 2 raka’a and 2 khutbas
    • Listen to the khutba; do not talk or even whisper anything to others during the khutba
    • Perform the Friday prayers with humility and concentration
    • Put the teachings of the khutba into practice.

  8. Who was the sahabi, companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who was tortured in the desert by his slave-master, and yet cried "Ahad", "Ahad" ("One", "One"), referring to Allah?
    Sayyidina Bilal, Rady Allahu ‘Anhu.

  9. Who bought him from his slave-master and set him free?
    Sayyidina Abu Bakr Siddiq, Rady Allahu ‘Anhu.

  10. What was the period before the proclamation of the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad called?
    Jahiliyya (the age of ignorance).

  11. How many idols were worshipped in the Ka'ba at that time?

  12. Name the general who brought an army with an elephant to destroy the Ka'ba in the same year that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was born?

  13. Allah sent birds who pelted his army with small pebbles to destroy it. What are these flights of birds called?

  14. Name the surah of the Qur'an in which this incident is mentioned.
    Surah al-Feel.

  15. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was called Sadiq ul Amin, even before he proclaimed his Prophethood. What does it mean?
    The Truthful and the Trustworthy.

  16. What are the Muslims who migrated from Makkah to Madina in the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad called?

  17. What are the Muslims who helped them in Madina called?

  18. Name any one battle which the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, fought in the month of Ramadan?
    The Battle of Badr.

  19. How many additional takbeeraat are there in Salât al-'Id?
    There are 6 additional takbeeraat in Salât al-'Id.

  20. When is the sunnah prayer of Tahiyyatul Masjid performed?
    On entering the masjid to greet it with 2 raka’a of Tahiyyatul Masjid before sitting down.

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