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Rady Allāhu Anhā

Sallallāhualayhi wa Sallam

1. Sayyidah kulli nisā i’l Jannah   The leader of all the women in Paradise
2. Fātima  Sayyidatinā Fātima, Rady Allāhu Anhā
3. Az-Zahrā’  The Brilliantly Shiny
4. Batūl   Ascetic Virgin
5. Sayyidah   Leader
6. Mastūrah  Chaste, Veiled
7. Ma’sūmah   Sinless
8. Marhūmah Enveloped in Allāh’s Mercy
9. Rākiah  One who bows to Allāh in worship
10. Sājidah One who prostrates to Allāh in worship
11. Sāimah  One who fasts
12. Sāniyah   Chaste, Virtuous
13. Dāmiyah Beautiful
14. Mukhaddarah  One who chooses seclusion
15. Zāhidah  Pious Abstainer
16. Ābidah  Worshipper of Allāh
17. Waliyyah  Saint
18. Wafiyya Faithful
19. Baqiyyah The only remaining child of Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him
20. Adfiyya Warm-hearted
21. Taqiyya Devout, God-fearing
22. Zākiyya Pure
23. Rādiyyah Well Pleased with Allāh as her Lord
24. Mardiyyah Pleasing to Allāh as His worshipper
25. Hulliyyah Adorned, Beautified
26. Aliyya Most High
27. Safiyyah   The Chosen
28. Salīmah Safe, Sound
29. Halīma Gentle, Forbearing
30. Raqiyyah One who has ascended the heights
31. Hakīma So Wise!
32. Hasībah Of noble birth
33. Nasībah Of noble lineage
34. Jamīlah Beautiful
35. Jalīlah  Sublime, Majestic
36. Habībah  Beloved by all
37. Hasaniyyah Naturally Good
38. Mushfiqah   Compassionate, Kindly
39. Sālihah Most Pious, Righteous
40. Salīhah Naturally Pious
41. Sabīhah Pretty, Graceful
42. Musabbihah  One who glorifies Allāh
43. Majdidah One who glorifies Allāh
44. Muhammadah One who is praised
45. Muhassilah The Obtainer of the best results
46. Mukabbirah One who proclaims Allāh’s Greatness
47. Qāriyah Reciter of the Holy Qur’ān
48. Mumajjidah Glorifier of Allāh
49. Jāriya Servant of Allāh
50. Fadīlah Personification of Virtue
51. Wasīlah A means to approach Allāh
52. Nasībah So Fortunate!
53. Najībah Noble, Distinguished, Outstanding
54. Sharīfah Noble
55. Karīmah  Generous
56. Mukarramah Honoured
57. Ālimah Most Truly Learned
58. Fātiha The Opener (of doors of goodness)
59. Muhtaramah Revered, Esteemed, Respected
60. Muammah Universally Popular
61. Muallamah Taught by the Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad,may the peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him
62. Dāiyah Inviter to Islām
63. Shāfiah  Intercessor before Allāh
64. Shafīah Accepted Intercessor before Allāh
65. Ummiyyah Exemplary Mother
66. Tahiyyah  Greeting with good cheer
67. Nāsihah  True Advisor
68. Rājihah Most Favourable
69. Wahiyya Inspiration
70. Shahiyyah Pleasant
71. Jāhida Exerts in the way of Allāh
72. Mujtahidah Strives in the way of Allāh
73. Rāqiyah Of the Highest Rank and Grade
74. Nāsiyah The cornerstone of the Muslim Nation
75. Awsiyah Best Advisor
76. Khāwirah Affectionate, Kindly
77, Khādira Makes things ever so green
78. Wāqiyah Protection
79. Dāfiyah Mingles with the poor and the oppressed
80. Sāhibah Companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him
81. Hāwirah Highly intelligent, promotes dialogue
82. Wājidah Finder, one who found her father persecuted and helped him
83. Āqibah Successor who continues with the good work of her father
84. Sāmiyah Truthfully brave
85. Nūr Light
86. Bint Nūr  The daughter of one who is Light, that is the Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him
87. Bid’atu Rasūlinā Muhammad al-Mustafā Sallallāhu alayhi wa Sallam An integral part of our Chosen Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him

Source: These blessed attributive names of Khayr u’n Nisā’ Sayyidatinā Fātima Az-Zahrā’, Rady Allāhu Anhā have been presented as a mosaic together with a salāt and salām (invocation of blessing and peace) on Sayyidinā wa Nabiyyinā wa Habībinā Muhammad al-Mustafā Sallallāhu alayhi wa Sallam, by Khwāja Shaykh Abdur Rahmān Chohravi, in Majmūah Salawāt u’r Rasūl (A Compendium of Blessings on Prophet Muhammad, Sallallāhu alayhi wa Sallam), published by Anjuman-e-Rahmāniyya, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 1982, Juz 30, p. 12.

Appreciation: Muslims love Sayyidatinā Fātima az-Zahrā’, Rady Allāhu Anhā so much that many other attributive names of hers can be found in various other kutub (books) and in qasāid (religious poems).

Acknowledgements: I am grateful to Shaykh Umar Īsā and Shaykh Mahdi Alī for help with the translation of some difficult words.

Duā: O Allah! Fill our hearts with the love of Prophet Muhammad Sallallāhu alayhi wa Sallam, and with the love of his Family and his Companions, Rady Allāhu Anhum.

As-Salātu wa’s-Salām

As-Salātu wa’s-Salāmu alayka Yā RasūlAllāh
As-Salātu wa’s-Salāmu alayka Yā HabībAllāh
As-Salātu wa’s-Salāmu alayka Yā Nūran min Nūrillāh


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