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Translation of parts of some of
The Qasaaid of
Sayyidina Al-Imam Al-Habib
Abdallah Bin Alawi Al-Haddad
Rady Allahu Anhu

On Allah Ta'ala

O wonder! How can He be disobeyed,
Or by the thankless have His name denied?
For God in each and every movement made,
and every stillness, traces that us guide.
In everything a sign is always laid,
by which His Oneness standeth testified.
(Quoted by him in It'haaf-is-Saail Bi Ajwibatil Masaail, translated by Dr. Mostafa Al-Badawi, as Gifts For The Seeker, translation of qasaaid by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, The Quilliam Press, London, 1992, p.14).


On The Beloved Prophet
Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam

May blessings and salutations for ever and evermore
Be on the one who was the best created for the best nation
Muhammad, especially chosen by You (O Allah) with Your special favours
On whom descended the Qur'an and the Wisdom.
(Reproduced in Mukhul Ibada Li Ahl-is-Suluk Wal Iradah, p.387).


On Zikr

Invoke Your Lord
A ceaseless invocation.
Invocation is like a sovereign
In Divine Assembly.
(Quoted by Sayyidi Wa Murshidi Al-Imam Al-Habib Ahmad Mash'hur Al-Haddad, in Miftahul Jannah, p.102, translated by Shaykh Mohamed Mlamali Adam).

If a godly, radiant heart
Be your heart's desire
Invoke Allah's name
Never flag by day, by night never tire
Keep at it tongue and heart
For if you invoke Him in every pore
And every vein
Nay, if your very core is an invocation
Shafts of light will burst upon you
Not light phenomenal
Which the sun lends
And the moon borrows
But light Supernal
Light of the Sovereign of Might
And the Sura of Light.
(Quoted in Miftahul Jannah, p.109-110, tr. by Shaykh Mohamed Mlamali Adam).


On Contemplation (Shuhud)

Make glad your heart with tidings of a generous share
Of nearness to your Lord, Whose grace is vast.
The One, the King, the Great; to Him hold fast,
And quaff Tawhid's pure chalice that is there.
And contemplate a beauty luminous with light,
Which shines upon all things, unveiled to human sight.
(Quoted in Miftahul Jannah, p.83, tr. by Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi, The Quilliam Press, London, 1990)


On Striving (Juhd)

And strive and you will see
And profit by the promise of Guidance
In al-Ankabut enshrined.
(From his famous qasida, the Ta'iyya, quoted in Miftahul Jannah, p.95, tr. by Shaykh Mohamed Mlamali Adam).

And the evil soul
Tame it with perpetual solitude
With silence, wake and hunger
And an eye kept away from sleep at night
And a belly offered less than its want.
(From his famous qasida the 'Ainiyya, quoted in Miftahul Jannah, p.96, tr. by Shaykh Mohamed Mlamali Adam).


On Uways al-Qarni (Rady Allahu Anhu)

Allah served a Folk the draught of His love
In thrill and frenzy they swayed wheresoever they went
The dull of wit fancied them mad
Yet mad they weren't Enrapt by divine love, they were
A quaff of love's vintage
Cupped them in rapture
With a passion of a beloved
Who kept them company
In the dusk of the night
When no soul was in sight
And the night has let fall
Its darkness folds
To that hollowed host
Of the intimate converse Uways bin Amir counts.
(Quoted by him in Ad-Da'wa-tut-Taammah, tr. by Shaykh Mohamed Mlamali Adam in consultation with Ad-Daa'ee al Kaamil Sayyid Omar Abdallah).

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