Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim
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Salawât in Verse
A Qasida by Sayyid Saleh ‘Izz Ad-Din al-Qâdirî

Translated by: Muhammad Jawad Bagha

Bismi Allah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

O Allah! Send ṣalawāt upon Muhammad
Send ṣalawāt upon The Intercessor for us, Muhammad

Should you seek bliss in both worlds,
Then abound in ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

And when you pray, seek rewards aplenty,
Petition through ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

And if you desire surety of its acceptance,
Then seal it with ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

For neither Fasting is sound, nor Prayer
For one who forsakes ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

All your deeds shall bear goodness
If you sent salutations within them upon Muhammad

Arise in the night, call upon Allah, and express desire
To your Lord with ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Say, O Lord! Do not sever my hopes,
Be favorable to me through my ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Hasten to grant repentance to Your servant
Who pleads by means of ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

He fears his sins, yet is hopeful
For safety through ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Be with me at my life's conclusion,
For I have implored you with ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Good deeds are only multiplied
By repeating ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

If you see a people among whom
There is no one devoted to ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Then safeguard from them, seek others,
Remembering still ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

For all goodness and blessings are but
Seen through ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

vFear your Lord in secret and openly,
And send salutations upon the Intercessor for us, Muhammad

And if your sins were innumerable
Cover them with ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

When death comes, you will witness scenes,
That delight you with ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

In the grave, find your wishes fulfilled,
And be shown mercy through ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Do not fear terror from the two Angels
When they question you, reply to them, “Muhammad”

The Messenger of Allah is true. We followed,
Believed and accepted the truth of Muhammad

In the graves’ niche, feel the expanse,
And you are inspired with ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

On the Day of Resurrection, you will be rewarded
For what you sent forth in remembrance of Muhammad

And on the Day of Account when you are resurrected
You will be secure through ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Come to the Hawdh, drinking a full cup
Quench your thirst by ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

And cross the Bridge like a flash of lightning
By virtue of your ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

And enter Paradise no death therein
For your prior remembrance of Muhammad

All this in entirety is from the grace of my Lord
He guided us to ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Dwell in eternal bliss among splendid companions
In the Abode where our neighbor is Muhammad

aze upon your Lord, full of Majesty
By your remembrance of ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Thus, we praise Allah, and express our heartfelt thanks,
For the grace of ṣalawāt upon Muhammad

Messenger from Abtah, the Hashemite,
The Intercessor for sinners, Muhammad

Peace, that is pleasant, fragrant, magnificent
Upon the Chosen One, our master Muhammad

O Guide of humanity! O Intercessor!
O Best of creation! O Muhammad!

May this Qadiri find acceptance from you,
As I send my special greetings to you, O Muhammad!

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