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Qasaaid by Al-Habib and on Al-Habib

Al-Habib composed qasaaid (hymns) some of which have been translated and some haven't. Let us benefit from the translation of some verses he composed on the blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam.

Like the rain you descended
Casting knowledge from end to end
Or like the morning sun
Risen from Heaven
You blazed the night
And the stars
And lesser lamps away
Your luminous wake trailing a heritage
Most immense
Divine armed-men to inspire
In the fulness of time
To heights of sacred bliss
And triumphs sublime
Qur'an their refulgent light
Guiding them to righteousness
To a path most straight
And an argument most impeccable
(Miftahul Jannah: The Key to Paradise, pg 20, translated by Shaykh Muhammad Mlamali Adam).

Many qasaaid have been composed on al-Habib, some of them even during his own life-time. Some have been published, some haven't. One such qasida that touches any saalik (traveller on the spiritual path) is the one composed by Shaykh Muhammad Abdullah Shaddad Bin Umar Baa Umar in Ad-Durrul Munaddad Fee Seerati Sayyidina Muhammad ( A Necklace of Pearls in the History of Our Leader and Master Muhammad). In it, he invokes Allah Ta'ala to fulfil all our noble intentions for the sake of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad-e-Arabi Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam, the sahaba (his companions), the ahlul bayt (his family) and the awliya (friends of Allah), among whom he mentions our own beloved Shaykh Al-Habib Ahmad Mash-hur al-Haddad. Here is a transliteration and translation of a few verses from this qasida (the opening couplet forms the chorus).

Allah Allahu Allah Allahu
Allah Allahu Allah Allahu
Allah Allahu Allah Allahu
Rabbi waj'alnaa minal akhyaar

Feeha Mawlana 'Ali 'l Habshi
Man Gadaa fee sayrihi namshi
Mithla falakin fil 'ulaa dawwaar
Rabbi waj'alnaa minal akhyaar

Jarba Haysam bin Sumaitil bar
Kam hawat min kaamilin azhar
Kam jarat min tahtihal anhaar
Rabbi waj'alnaa minal akhyaar

Fee Haraydhah Umar ul 'Attas
Qutbuhal Mash-huru baynan Naas
Wa Abubakr-in Abu 'l Akhyaar
Rabbi Waj'alaa minal akhyaar

Bu 'Ali Ahmad Imamul Qaum
Faaidhul Imdaadi Muqwissawm
Thumma kam fil qaumi min Abraar
Rabbi waj'alnaa minal akhyaar

Rabba nanfa'naa bihim Yaa Rab
Wanjahil maqsuda wal matlab
Warridhaa feemaa bihi takhtaar
Rabbi waj'alnaa minal akhyaar

Among them is al-Habib Mawlana Ali al-Habshi
We are on foot, following him in his travels
Just like the orbit that circles high above
O Lord make us among the best people

Try al-Habib Haysam bin Sumait, the pious
How many contain such total brightness?
How many are the rivers that flow under his feet?
O Lord make us among the best people

In Haraydhah al-Habib Umar al-'Attas
A pillar, famous among people
And Abubakar, the father of the chosen few
O Lord make us among the best people

The father of Ali, al-Habib Ahmad, the Imam of the people
Superabundant help, the one who reinforces free grazing
How many such righteous can you find in the community?
O Lord make us among the best people

Our Lord! Make us benefit from them O Lord
And fulfil our aims and ambitions
And for his sake we are pleased with whatever You choose
O Lord made us among the best people

In this qasida, al-Habib who is from the illustrious family of al-Haddad is mentioned together with luminaries from three other great families in the BaAlawi tradition, that is al-Habshi, Bin Sumait and al-'Attas! Allahu Akbar!

Naf'an Allahu bihim
May Allah, The Glorified and the Exalted, make us benefit from them, Aameen.

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