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Q News Mourns Al-Habib

Grief over death of a scholar

British Muslims joined the global umma in grieving over the death of Habib Ahmad Mash-hur bin Taha al-Haddad, 87, who passed away peacefully in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday 14 Rajab 1416 Hijiriyyah corresponding to 6 December 1995.

Born in the town of Qaydun in Hadhramawt around 1908 he studied under numerous Shaykhs in different parts of the world and was a leading exponent of the Shafi'i school of jurisprudence and also master of the Sufi science of tahqiq - 'spiritual realisation'

His funeral in Mecca was attended by people from all walks of life and his family has been inundated with messages of condolences from all parts of the world. An erudite scholar and prolific writer the works and influence of Shaykh al-Haddad have spanned all the five continents. His book, The Key to the Garden, published by the Quilliam Press, is a best seller among British Muslims and is soon to be distributed in the United States.

We at Q-News extend our condolences to his family and acknowledge the loss of an irreplaceable "friend and companion".

To Allah we belong and to Him we will return.

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