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Zina: Fornication and Adultery

Can you advise me on what Islam says about zinaa?


Hello Peteroketch,

Zina is sexual misconduct.  It includes both fornication with an unmarried person and adultery with a married person.  It is one of the kabair (major sins). Islam prohibits both pre-marital sex as well as extra-marital sex.

Allah, the Glorified and the Exalted, says in the Holy Qur'an:

And do not even draw near to adultery / fornication. Surely, it is an abomination and an evil way. (17:32)

The following is one of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him about zina.

Hadrat Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him), reported Allah's Prophetic Messenger (peace be upon him) as saying, "At the time one commits zina, he is not a believer; at the time one steals, he is not a believer;  at the time one drinks an intoxicant, he is not a believe; at the time one takes plunder on account of which men raise their eyes at him, he is not a believer; and the time one of your defrauds, he is not a believer;; so beware, beware". (Bukhari and Muslim)

This is another saying of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him:

Safwan bin 'Assal reported how, when a Jew said to his friend, "Let us go to this Prophet", his friend said to him, "Don't say 'Prophet' for if he heard you he would be greatly pleased".  They went to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,  and asked him about nine clear signs.  Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, said: "Do not associate anything with Allah, do not steal, do not commit zina, do not kill anyone whom Allah has declared inviolable without a just cause, do not bring an innocent person before a ruler in order that he may put him to death, do not use magic, do not devour usury, do not slander a chaste woman, do not turn in flight on the day the army marches, and a matter which affects you Jews particularly, do not break the Sabbath". He said that, whereupon they kissed his hands and feet saying, "We testify that you are a Prophet". He asked, "What prevents you from following me?" to which they replied, "Nabi Dawud (David, peace be upon him) prayed to his Lord that prophets might never cease to arise from his offspring and we are afraid that if we follow you, the Jews will kill us". (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and an-Nasai)

May Allah keep us away from zina, Aamin.


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