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For the month of Dhul Qa'da 1439

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Translation of Ratib Al-Haddad

Translation of Ratib al-'Attas

Translation of Wird al-Latif

From Madrasa al-Hidaya

Chapter 21: Zuhd and Wara (Abstinence and Scrupulousness)
From Risalat-ul-Muawanah by Imam al-Haddad
In Urdu

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Let the Dhikr Prevail
By: Irshaad Rshid
Madrasa Riyada

In honour of al-Habib Ahmad Mash-hur al-Haddad
(A poem by Irshaad Rashid) Madrasa Riyada

"Selected Salawaat"
Salawaat web-page (


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