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The Way of Bani 'Alawi is the Qur'an and the Sunnah

"Thus it is known that the method of the Bani 'Alawi Sadat is nothing but the Book and Sunnah. They have different degrees with Allah and He is Aware of what they do".

"This is the method of the Husaini Bani 'Alawi Sadat of Hadramaut, they transmitted it from father to son and from generation to generation , and it was handed down from Imam al-Husain to Zain ul Abedin to Al-Baqir, Al-Sadiq and all the great ones among the salaf (righteous predecessors), until today".

"They are most concerned with the sciences of the Book, Sunnah and Tasawwuf, especially Kitab-ul-Tanbih, Al-Muhazib, the books of Imam al-Ghazali and those of Imam Muhyuddin Al-Nawawi.

They paid great attention to the books of Imam al-Ghazali, especially Ihya', Albaseet, Alwajiz and Al-Khulasa. They also paid great attention to Hadith and many among them reached the rank of hafiz (who knew the books of Hadith Shareef by heart)".

"Our master Imam 'Aydaroos bin 'Umar al-Habshi has written in his book 'Iqd Alyawaqit Aljawharia that the 'Alawi are all Sunnis, Shafe'is, Ash'aris".

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