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Zikr of Allah

"Those among them who were wealthy loved to build and maintain mosques, being conscious of the merits of such things, as mentioned in hadith. Some of them have erected many mosques and have assigned for their maintenance and illumination regular sources of income. Their method, may Allah be pleased with them, is to divide and organise their time between worship, gatherings of 'ilm (knowledge), adab (good behaviour), awrad and ahzab (voluntary regular devotions).

Some of them have collected dua (supplications) and zhikr (remembrance of Allah) to be recited every day and night, mostly from the dua of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, and from transmitted hadith. Some of them have given them the plural form to be recited collectively, so that the benefit may become general. And some assemble gatherings to recite one thousand tasbih and one thousand tahlil, and offer the recompense to some of the dead, with the aim of receiving help from everyone whom they know had been from the saliheen (the righteous)."

"""Our master Imam-ul-Ahqaf Umar bin Saqqaf has said: "I exhort you to be arduous in following the way of the salaf salih from the House of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him and his House especially the family of Abi Alawi. Hold fast to it and you will win great benefits and massive gifts. The essence of their method and its summation is the organisation and allocation of their time to devotions, assemblies of ilm, courtesies, and their awrad and ahzab (regular voluntary devotions) which are derived from the Prophetic Light, such as the awrad of our master, Shaykh Abdallah Al-Haddad, his ahzab, Rateb, and other well-known awrad of our predecessors""".

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