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Their Character

"The more they were raised in (spiritual) ranks and stations the more they felt that they were the most insignificant of Allah's creation. They took on the best and purest of moral qualities, established themselves in sciences of the outward, and became such that whenever one of them is seen Allah is immediately remembered".

"""The majority of them prefer isolation and dislike prominence and fame. This was indicated by our master Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-'Aydaroos, who himself was one of the most illustrious and famous, when he said: "Would that we never had known anyone and that none had ever known us, would that we never were, would that we were never born". Some of them preferred humility and an ascetic life, they were those whom "the ignorant thinks wealthy because of their integrity", content with what little they got from dunya (the world), hidden and unknown, their state veiled to the extent of being almost totally unperceivable.

Our master the qutb 'Abdallah bin 'Alawi Al-Haddad, who is a critical expert, described those glorious ones thus:

Their poor is free, their wealthy spend
in the best of ways, hoping for reward from Allah

They are dressed in piety and modesty
their aim is The Merciful, when they speak and act

Their words are true and their actions guidance
their secrets are empty of cheating and rancour

Submitting to their Lord, standing before His Face
imploring Him, Praised and Majestic is He beyond comparison

"""And our master the qutb 'Ali bin Abu-Bakr has said in his book Albarqa Almushayika in describing them and their behaviour:

"The descendants of Imam Shihab-ul-Deen Ahmad bin 'Isa came to Hadramaut and settled in Tarim. They are high and noble, their characters are lofty, their merits brilliant, their selves upright, their determination 'Alawi, their wills Mustafawi.......

They erased their forms, annihilated their selves, and preferred others to themselves even when they were in dire need. They did not uphold their rights against others, erased their perception of themselves, and while behaving thus, never felt they were granting others any favours""".

"""And he has said somewhere else, may Allah be pleased with him: "There are among Bani-'Alawi many fuqaha (jurists), 'ulama (learned), Imams and venerable shaykhs, aqtab, awtad, and abdal (spiritual masters). They are 'ibad awliya masters who have turned turned away from everything but Allah, and whose hearts have become totally immersed in His love. They have joined the perfection of Nabawi honour and Mustafawi lineage to the perfection of following the Book and Sunna, together with sound beliefs. They have received the Muhammadi inheritance, Ahmadi secrets, and the 'Isawi, Musawi, Ibrahimi, and Prophetic heritage."""

"It has been said that the knowledge of (spiritual) secrets and the (spiritual) states of the 'arifin (spiritual masters) are beyond the limits of reason and not subject to the power of thought or to acquisition by action".

"""Shaykh Zarruq has said in his Rules of Sufism: "Knowledge is built on research and investigation. (Spiritual) States are built on surrender and belief. When an 'arif (spiritual master) speaks from the perspective of knowledge, his words are weighed by their origin in the Book, Sunna, and the sayings of the salaf (righteous predecessors) , for knowledge is weighed according to its source. When he speaks from the perspective of (spiritual) state, his (spiritual) tasting is accepted with no objections, for it is only reached in a way similar to his, it is according to his perception, and the imparting of its knowledge depends on his honesty. He is not to be imitated, the validity of this is not general, but limited to those who are like him""".

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