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Zeal in Worship and Its Concealment

"They strove to their utmost in worship, got rid of habits and refused passions and desires. When night fell, they stood on their feet, laid their faces to the ground, and let flow their tears.

They concentrated on their inner selves and regarded this as more important. They used to refer to one another the responsibility of giving fatwa (religious verdict), out of fear of Allah. They were asked many questions but answered only a few, they chose from actions the most wearisome, and from obediences the most precious. They always strove to avoid controversy and the areas of disagreement between 'ulama (scholars).

They concealed their worship for fear of falling into ostentation (ria'). Should they be giving advice to people and fear, during this, that they may fall into ria', they would leave this activity for another which did not present the same risk, and if they were noticed to weep during the recitation of Qur'an, hadith, or teaching, they would immediately turn it into a smile".

"""Imam Abdallah bin 'Alawi al-Haddad has said: "Fame is not the pattern of Sadat Abi-'Alawi. If any of them likes it, then he is small, i.e. in rank, he will however change and dislike it, this is how Allah educates and refines them. Those among them who are perfect neither seek nor want it""".

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